Join the Morgan County Chamber of Commerce

You’ve met our leadership team. You’ve met our members. Are you ready to join the networking and advocacy arm of Morgan County’s business community?

Here are 10 quick reasons why you should join:

1.) Business Growth: The goal.

2.) Business Credibility: 80% of customers are more likely to purchase goods & services from businesses that are a member of their local Chamber of Commerce.

3.) Expand Your Business Network: Networking, Connections & Community Events-As your chamber grows, so will your network.

4.) Social Media Business Boost

5.) Job Board: Learn about the job opportunities available in the county and surrounding areas on one platform. Accessible through the Chamber website, members will have a login to look for open jobs and post unlimited positions for FREE on the Job Board. It is a WIN-WIN for job seekers and companies hiring.

6.) BIG Business – Small Town: Never underestimate the power of being the ONLY business in your niche in an area. A lot can be accomplished without competition including the exit! Bodycote acquires Ellison Surface Technologies for 200 Million, Wartburg, Tennessee.

7.) Business Spotlights & Ribbon Cuttings

8.) Problem Solving: We have been where you are. Let our people help you. Maybe you need to define and solve a pressing problem. If we do not have the knowledge and expertise, we know people.

9.) Stakeholder Support & Business Resources: The Board of Directors & the Membership all have their own unique skill set. They also work somewhere or own businesses. The perks are out there and range from discounts to sales leads.

10.) Professional Development & Leadership

Leadership Morgan Fees:

Participate,  $250.00/Year

Membership Fees: Business

1-4 employees, $50/year
5-10 employees, $100/year
11-20 employees, $150/year
21-50 employees, $200/year
51-100 employees, $250/year
101-250 employees, $300/year
Over 250 employees, $350/year

Membership Fees: Banks

$1m-$15m in deposits, $250/year
(+$20 for each additional $1 million)

Membership Fees: Utilities

Under 1,000 Customers, $250/year
1,001-1,500 Customers, $350/year
1,501-3,000 Customers, $500/year
Over 3,000 Customers, $750/year

Membership Fees: Other Types

Individual, 25.00                                                                                                                                  Non-Profits, $50/year
Religious Organizations, $25/year
Elected Officials, $25/year
Schools, $50/year
Municipalities, $250/year