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If you are a motorcycle rider, you have undoubtably hard of the “Tail of the Dragon”, but perhaps the best kept secret for motorcyclists is the “Devil’s Triangle.” It has been described as “rugged” and “unforgiving” with tight twisting curves, corners and switchbacks as good as the Tail of the Dragon, but even more dangerous.

The Triangle is a 45 mile loop that takes you right past the historic Brushy Mountain Penitentiary (which housed James Earl Ray, the assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), through parts of Frozen Head State Park and up and over multiple mountains! You’ll experience everything from peaceful farms to being inches away from rock bluffs on the side of the mountain. This is an experience like no other!

This is a difficult ride and is better suited for veteran and experienced riders, not the beginner. Along this rugged are massive rock bluffs, deep gullies, and rugged steel guard rails as well as frequent four wheeler traffic.

Interesting facts:
• The lowest elevation along the triangle is 785 feet above sea level.
• The highest elevation along the triangle is 2,195 feet as you cross through Frozen Head State Park on Hwy 116.
• You’ll experience a total gain of near 3,000 feet while riding the loop.

Location of The Devil’s Triangle / Hwy 116

The starting point for the triangle is at the intersection of Hwy 116 and Hwy 62 near Petros, TN.

Directions coming from Knoxville, TN: Take Pellissippi Parkway toward Oak Ridge. Stay on Hwy 62 through Oak Ridge to Oliver Springs, in Oliver Springs Hwy 62 will take a right toward Wartburg. Stay on Hwy 62 until you come to the intersection of Hwy 116.

Coming from I-40 at Harriman: Take Hwy 27 North to Wartburg, take a right on Hwy 62.  Stay on Hwy 62 until you come to the intersection of Hwy 116.

The Route

The Triangle is a 45 mile loop beginning at the intersection of Hwy 116 and Hwy 62.  Start on Hwy 116, this will take you past Brushy Mountain and then up and over two mountains.  Stay on Hwy 116 until you reach Hwy 330 / Frost Bottom, take a right onto 330.  You will stay on 330 until you reach the town of Oliver Springs in which you will take a right onto Hwy 61 which will take you through downtown Oliver Springs.  You’ll take a right at Winter Gap Road which will take you to the 4-way intersection (has a red light) of Hwy 61 and Hwy 62.  Proceed through the intersection onto Hwy 62.  Stay on Hwy 62 until you reach your final destination, the intersection of Hwy 62 and Hwy 116 – which was your starting point.


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