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You’re Looking At: Daddy’s Creek on the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.

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Falling into both Morgan and Cumberland counties, Catoosa Wildlife Management Area spans more than 82,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau, and is well-noted for its outstanding hunting opportunities.

The Catoosa WMA includes a mix of open woodlands, native grassland areas and transition zones. It is home to whitetail deer, wild turkey, wild boar, squirrels, ruffled grouse, raccoon, quail, rabbits, mourning doves, river otters and more.

The streams on the WMA are inhabited by smallmouth bass, bluegill, rock bass and muskie. 

Catoosa isn’t just for hunters and anglers. It’s popular among backpackers and paddlers, too. The Cumberland Trail passes through the WMA.

Overnight camping is allowed in specific areas. Entry is barred between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

The WMA is home to several uncommon birds including very high densities of red-headed woodpecker, prairie warbler, yellow-rested chat, white-eyed vireo and common yellowthroat. 

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